The Wild is Life was officially formed in 2010, when Roxy Danckwerts, the protector of the Trust, felt that there was a need for the growing machinations of the Sanctuary to be assisted and monitored by an experienced team. Ably guided by a formidable team of Trustees, The Trust is responsible for the welfare, development of facilities and the high standards of care that is offered to the resident Animals.

Currently, the Wild is Life Trust is home to a number of elephant, lion, cheetah, ground pangolin, kudu, giraffe, wildebeest, sable, impala, duiker, tortoise and monkeys. The population is dynamic and where possible, the Trust will release suitable animals back into larger habitats. No animals are bought or sold at Wild is Life Trust. All the animals resident here are rescues or have been subsequently born on the property. Up until five years ago, the facility was not open to the public. However, due to considerable financial constraints and the need to "share" the sentience of these precious animals, the Trust decided to open up to the public in a controlled and responsible manner.

Education has become an important role for the Trust to play for our Nation's wildlife. Whilst visitors (Paying and non paying) are entertained during their visits to the Sanctuary, they are also educated on various aspects of Wildlife Conservation. The Wild is Life Trust believes in the power of the "Ambassadorial animal" and remarkable progress has been made in educating a significant number of people in the vagaries of wildlife conservation.